About Unfiltered Gear

Unfiltered Gear is owned & operated by husband & wife duo, Matthew & Shelly Eubanks!

We are small business owners, both with a sarcastic sense of humor who drop the F*bomb every now and then! We also happen to be graphic tee fanatics!

Between the two of us, we have purchased 100's of graphic tees over the years. Most of them rated G, as that is what is typically offered mainstream!

So we set out to combine our sarcastic sense of humor, our foul mouths, along with our love of graphic tees, and thus Unfiltered Gear was born!

We are definitely not for the easily offended! Most of our products contain sarcasm, foul language, and adult humor! We are "Unfiltered" here, and often Rated R! We believe you can run a professional business & still be a sarcastic bada$$ that drops the F*Bomb every now and then! So, if any of this offends you, or you're looking for a "prim & proper" company, we should just go our separate ways now! No hard feelings, we know we aren't for everyone, and we are perfectly ok with that!

Now that we got that out of the way, if you're still here, it means you are one of our PEOPLE (Heyyy fellow bada$$)!

Being small business owners ourselves for over 20 years now, we know the rewards and feeling of accomplishment you can achieve working for yourself. We also know it's not always easy, nor affordable to start your own business! So we created our bada$$ business opportunity, to give others the chance to earn some income, without all the hassles and expense of starting a company on their own.

We thank you for your interest in Unfiltered Gear, and look forward to working with you!