1. What is Unfiltered Gear?

You can learn more about our company here: About Unfiltered Gear

2. What type of products do you sell?

We currently sell graphic tees, coffee mugs, & vinyl decals. Most of our products are either sarcastic or adult humor in nature.

3. I noticed that some of your products have foul language on them, what if I am offended by this?

Most of our products contain wording and/or images that are offensive, sarcastic, salty, rude, and maybe even vulgar. We are "Unfiltered" here! They are definitely not for the easily offended! If you are looking for a cute, warm fuzzy feeling shirt your grandmother would wear, than our company probably isn't the best fit for you!

Unless of course, your grandmother is a bada$$ like us! 😈

4. Is the business opportunity available outside the US?

At this time, it is NOT, but we do have plans to open up Internationally, once we get our US base established.

5. Is this a party plan company where you offer hostess rewards?

No, we are not a party plan company, and there is not a company sponsored hostess program. Affiliates, however are allowed to offer their own hostess rewards independently, if they choose to do parties.

6. Where can I advertise Unfiltered Gear products?

You can advertise our products on your website and blog, throughout social media pages, and in email signatures. You can also increase your reach by offline advertising such as business cards, car decal ads, bulletin ads in your local area, etc.

7. Are there any restrictions on places I can advertise or resell Unfiltered Gear?

We do not allow any advertising or reselling our product on any auction or marketplace type websites such as ebay, etsy, or amazon.

8. Can product be sold at a retail location or vendor/craft show?


9. What is the age requirement to signup?

You must be 18 years or older to signup.

10. Can I signup for the Unfiltered Gear Affiliate program, if I am involved with another company that sells the same type of products?

Yes that is fine as long as you are a sales rep with that company (NOT an admin, owner, co-owner, etc.) We do have a strict NO cross promotion policy though. In other words, you can not market Unfiltered Gear and another similar company together. This includes, but not limited to: on the same social media page, post, group, etc. Or at a local event, home show, etc. Any marketing you do for Unfiltered Gear MUST be done separately from any other similar company.

11. Do Affiliates get a discount on personal orders? Or can they order through their own affiliate link and earn the commission?

New affiliates order through their own personal link and earn the same 25% commission. Once an affiliate has had at least $100 in sales (or is placing an order of at least $100), they have the option to order with their discount taken off upfront.

12. Can men join?

Hell yeah! Our biz opp is open to everyone 18 years and older, that resides within the USA.

13. Do I have to build a team?

Building a team (ie. recruiting subaffiliates) is totally optional. You don't have to recruit at all. It's up to you. If you do decide to recruit, you will earn 5% on all of your direct recruits retail sales. This amount is calculated on 100% of the retail value and is paid out if you have a low quota of only $50 a month in your own retail sales. NO need to worry about reaching crazy high quotas on yourself and/or a team to be paid out downline commission.

14. Do I need to carry inventory?

No, you do not have to carry any inventory. That's the great thing about Unfiltered Gear, all of our available products are online 24/7 for you and your customer's shopping convenience.